The project of the Instituto Embratel 21 is a great milestone due to the digitalization of the rare work collection of Mário de Andrade Library. Many rare works have been scanned and are now available for consultation via the internet.

Here is a guide for navigation and exploration of the collection.

Navigation Guide

  1. Visit the Instituto Embratel 21 website.
  2. Do a search for Steinmann and see the details of the drawing: Largo do Paço, Rio de Janeiro. (just click on the title).
  3. Enable the installation of the ViewPoint component (View Point Media Player). It should take a few minutes.
  4. After installation, a window with interactive navigation on the figure will be available. Click on Steinmann Album and the entire collection will be available for browsing.
  5. Select another work by clicking on the thumbnail. Return to home.

Other functionalities

  1. Do a search with the word rosário and see the details of the drawing: Rua da Imperatriz (Antiga do Rosário, lado do Pateo da Sé).
  2. Click on the title and the Álbum Comparativo da Cidade de São Paulo (1862-87-1914) will appear.
  3. Navigation over the album is available.
  4. Click on the larger image and it will be enlarged from 300×300 to 600×600.

Now, see a rare book.

  1. Use the name joseph de ancheta as a search key.
  2. Select book: Vida del Padre Joseph de Ancheta de la Compañia de Jesus,…
  3. Do an interactive navigation by observing that it is possible to read the pages of the book that are … hey, what language are they in?

Note that there are videos. Search for sanfona and click on the video of the portuguese group Danças Ocultas.

The high quality videos corresponding to the published material are managed by Media Portal. Access to this high quality material is not public, and there is a big infrastructure to support the entire management operation.