A project using Media Portal and Optical Disc Archive

In the first half of 2017, the Legislature of the State of Ceará started a modernization project aimed at broadcasting in HD. In addition to this technological renovation, there was a need to manage the files that until then were stored on DVDs.

The technological partnership between Apoio Técnico and Videodata integrated the Media Portal system, and their archiving began to take place on Optocaç Dosc Archive (ODA), thus enabling a more secure and robust archiving. Apart from the material produced by the TV, the system will also be expandable and able to archive plenary sessions.

Retrieving these videos is facilitated by means of artificial intelligence applied to systems for smart video analysis. As a result, now all the production workflows are now in digital format and many of them are managed by Media Portal: archiving displayed, edited and raw material to create a stock shot collection; content retrieval for playback; retrieval of stock shot content; among other workflows.

The system enables full online integration of the asset management with the editing bays and the display center. Media Portal is also integrated with speech-to-text mechanisms to automatically manage the cutting of content.

“ We took a major step by following the technological development of Brazilian TV stations. Currentlyl, TV Assembleia is on a par with the leading broadcasters in the country. We started to have more technical funding and to expand our previous limitations. Our professionals also had to be trained. This was very positive. The real winners are the people of Ceará who can rely on the best by tuning into the TV station that grows the most in our state. We are quite satisfied with the work performed.”

Ilo Santiago
Communication Supervisor for the Legislature of the State of Ceará